By the age of 2 I had 1 dream and 1 dream only: becoming a professional goalkeeper.

A lot of struggles along the way, lots of injuries but my dad always says ‘quitters never win, winners never quit’ so I kept going and became stronger and stronger.

When I was 17 years old the worst thing in my life happened. My stepdad was drunk and we got into a fight – a really bad fight. Wich crushed the relationship I had with my mom and I decided to leave the place. I moved to my stepsister’s house for a few months so I could finish my last year’s exam. Right after I finished my exams, I was not able to live there any longer so I had to find a solution. After a lot of crying, I moved to my grandparents… but this was far from what I wanted. after a few months, I made the decision to live alone with my now ex-girlfriend. I rented a super small apartment and was still hoping to become a professional goalkeeper. Unfortunately because a few months later they told me I had to leave since I had lots of injuries.

My parents paid for my apartment because I had no income because I went all-in on the football dream. They even paid a full year of college but I couldn’t handle the fact that they paid for everything…

And since I had to leave the football team and I felt guilty that my parents paid for everything I decided to earn my own money. so I started working at a restaurant.

I asked myself if it could go any worse… of course, it could… because I broke up with my girlfriend after 3 years, started gambling, lost ALL my money and was flat broke. Ashamed as fuck. “The guy who was about to become a professional football player is now flat broke and works in a restaurant.”

I worked in the restaurant for 8 months – couldn’t handle it anymore and left the job, took the courage to make up with my mom and I left my apartment to live back at my mom’s place. Right after I moved back in I had a hernia which caused me to rest for over a year. (couldn’t walk, drive or do anything)

I was done with life. Considered to commit suicide back then… but luckily enough I didn’t.
After the doctors fixed my hernia I wanted to change my life. So I studied bookkeeping for a year because I loved numbers – started at a huge company to do bookkeeping, worked my ass off and then suddenly after 4 months of hard work – they fired me. I cried like a little baby and called up my dad (whom I barely heard because he was running his business) and asked him what I need to do with my life – from there on everything shifted!

I started at a sales job – they gave me 2 weeks to prove myself. After 1 year I became ‘best salesman of the year’ – Invested in myself -after spending lots of money on designer clothes – and that’s where I discovered the impact of networking and like-minded people. I left my job because of my now business partner, Nani – I started to believe in myself and what I am capable of and I got myself into a 6 figure business within 2 months of hard work. I got a beautiful girlfriend, an amazing house and a wonderful car. I would never be in this position without the impact of my network, Nani, my girlfriend and the support of my parents.