Nani Bernal is an entrepreneur and leader with a passion for helping individuals amplify their vision and impact through empowerment, vision, and strategy.

I live by my favorite quote ”it’s not how you start it’s how you finish” 

Hello, my name is Azohani Bernal but the world knows me as Nani we seem to think it’s a bit easier to say. I am from South FL and that qualifies me as a big fan of the ocean but other than having an amazing personality and being from the sunshine state I love to impact individuals. I remember being 5 yrs old becoming in love with the idea of teamwork being apart of sports teams at a young age tends to fuel you up sooner. 

That love for teamwork evolved as I got older and I quickly fell in love with entrepreneurship when I sold candy in middle school and earned enough to purchase my entire middle school soccer team new uniforms I knew I was on to something. I was always apart of something big I come from a very large family I have a total of 8 brothers and sisters so you can imagine competitiveness and push was always something I was surrounded by. 

But that all changed the year of 2007 I would say this is where a major shift in my life happened and I learned that I had to grow up a lot sooner than anticipated.

 2007 was the year that my parents got a divorce my father had an affair with another woman that led to a baby,my best friend got shot in front of me, I was questioning my sexuality and I went into a very deep depression as a kid now I do not say this lightly this destroyed myself as a young leader filling self-sabotage and no direction in my head. Unfortunately, my life took a toll I began hanging out with a bad crowd and taking matters into my own hands. I started to sell drugs, get into fights, steal as you can imagine I was no longer myself I was this image of what I was feeling in the inside broken. 

It didn’t take long before my brokeness damaged my relationship with my mom, my family and myself, I became addicted to drugs, I was in and out of trouble and my education was in danger. I dropped out of high school my junior year living up to all the expectations of failure the same year I dropped out of high school was the same year  I found out I was expecting a little girl. This next level of my life required me to really grow up and to really make a change fortunately for me I thought I had an amazing plan when I was born the doctors pulled me out wrong that led to a medical malpractice lawsuit and I was granted 2.5 million dollars when I turned 18 …Yeah, I bet this is the part of the story where you think my life changed… Well, it did but let’s just say it changed in a way that we least expected. When the going gets tough things get going.

My family attorney liquidated my accounts and illegally gambled it on a deal that led to him being taken advantage of causing him to lose everything I found this news out during the closing process of the home I was going to purchase my mother pretty obvious I no longer could afford to purchase the home…  You can see from my life that it was a series of unfortunate events. But that moment embarked me to embrace the phrase it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. I decided to stop drug dealing, I decided to get my high school diploma, I decided to grow up. It was extremely difficult to start again from ground 0 to have felt like you had it all and boom it got taken but it taught me to go and create my own opportunities. Let’s fast forward a bit I went looking for jobs I landed an amazing management position at a smoke shop it taught me everything I knew starting out in business the owner adored me and wanted me to help with their expansion but I was pregnant and couldn’t risk doing a major change at this point being a new parent I needed to have my mother and father around.  

After the baby was born I decided to dive back into college and soon realized that way of living wasn’t for me either. I couldn’t focus and I felt so behind compared to others it really demotivated I was also on the hunt for a job that I could commit to full time. Well, where does a high drop out and trouble maker end up landing a job with no experience at an Outback restaurant I hated that job and soon got fired for being falsely accused of stealing because of my juvenile record they judged me. I was devastated because if there’s one thing I did listen to my mom about was this whatever you do in life you be the best and most hard-working I assure you my work ethic is impeccable. A co-worker heard the news and quickly reached out to me offering a position as a front desk girl for her brother-in-law’s debt consolidation company this is where the game changed forever…

I got the job but not as a front desk assistant I got a job as a sales rep never in my life have I sold anything over the phone and never in my life did I think I would fall in love with it. Fast forward 5 years I helped start and build two 7 figure businesses with these employers. I became the manager, training manager and I created the systems that were in place for both businesses. I soon fell in love with the concept of importance, leadership, sales, and community. This place made me who I am today I gave them 5 ½ years of blood, sweat, and tears. Unfortunately but fortunately business is business and they let me down when they didn’t stick to a commitment they made with me about a future partnership.

 I quickly left the business and went into the insurance industry. I ran a call room floor for health insurance and this is when I knew I was destined for impact. I didn’t know anything about this industry but I dove into every direction for knowledge and ramped it up to a 6 figure business within two months…

The owner of the health insurance company loved my drive and gave me an opportunity of a lifetime he offered to invest in my own idea and that’s when I opened up my own Interstate Moving Brokerage within 3 months we hit over 6 figures although the business was ramping up our partnership was downshifting and so took an end ultimately this end led me to where I am today wanting to InPower individuals to become a better them. See it took 7 failed attempts at what I thought my definition of success was at that time to realize I was walking in a purpose that wasn’t for me. It’s crazy how life has a funny way of putting you exactly where you need to be and we do not even realize it. There are two important days in your life the day you were born and the day you discovered why. I believe I discovered WHY a long time ago I think I just really accepted up in February 2019 Growth Con 3. Steve Harvey was speaking and I was front row and I can remember the topic and the conversation word for word. He stated a lot of us are doing things we know we shouldn’t be doing because we assume that’s our purpose but we find ourselves when we get there that we still aren’t fulfilled…That’s because you are walking a purpose and taking on a journey that’s not ours because we want our story to go our way. But sometimes our way isn’t always the right way a lot of the times it’s his way and points up to the sky. At that moment I knew what I really wanted to do, I wanted to take my story, my knowledge, and my momentum and create a community that not only impacted people’s lives but helped them take action. I’ve spent over 20,000 on coaching, courses, and workshops and have since fallen in love with my passion to serve people. I want to let people know it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. I established InPower Accountability Group LLC : March 2019 and since then have taken my value to others and coaching to the next level.